Welcome Bonus Earned by 55 gamers

Rules for receiving the "Welcome Bonus" bonus

1. General Provisions
Bonus name: Welcome bonus.
Reward: 10 virtual coins.

2. Conditions for receiving a bonus
2.1 Registration: To receive the Welcome Bonus, the player must successfully register on the platform.
2.2 Account Verification: After registration, the player must verify his account via email.
2.3 Initial login: The bonus will be credited only on the first login after completing the registration process, verifying your account and clicking the in-game button in the Bonuses section (Main menu - Settings - Bonuses).

3. Bonus accrual
3.1 Automatic Credit: The 10 coin bonus is automatically credited to the player's account upon successful registration, account verification and initial login.
3.2 Notification: A player who has received a bonus will be notified via the bonus table in the bonuses section of the relevant game.

4. Other conditions
4.1 Once per player: The Welcome Bonus can only be claimed once per new player.
4.2 Fair registration: In case of detection of attempts to receive a bonus in bad faith (for example, the creation of several accounts by the same player), the platform administration reserves the right to cancel the bonus and block accounts.
4.3 The bonus is awarded only on one device and in one game in which a request for a bonus was made in the bonuses section.
4.4. Changes in the rules: The platform administration reserves the right to change the rules for receiving a bonus at any time without prior notice. All changes come into force from the moment they are published on the platform.

5. Contact information
For more information or if you have questions about the Welcome Bonus program, please contact support using the feedback form on the contact page.

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